Certificate of Need

The application for a Certificate of Need for three 345-kV CapX2020 projects was filed with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on August 16, 2007.

 Filing Letter; Summary of Filing; Table of Contents
Chapter 1Introduction and Summary
Chapter 2Project Descriptions
Chapter 3Coordinated Transmission Development
Chapter 4Community Reliability and Generation Outlet Needs
Chapter 5System Configuration Analysis
Chapter 6CapX2020 and Minnesota Energy Policy
Chapter 7Alternatives
Chapter 8Environmental Information
Chapter 9Construction, Maintenance and Operations
AppendicesTable of Contents
Appendix AStudies - Table of Contents
A-1CapX2020 Technical Update: Identifying Minnesota's Electric Transmission Infrastructure Needs (October 2005)
A-2Southeastern Minnesota - Southwestern Wisconsin Reliability Enhancement Study (March 13, 2006)
A-3Red River Valley / Northwest Minnesota Load-Serving Transmission Study (TIPS Update) (February 13, 2006)
A-4Southwest Minnesota - Twin Cities EHV Development Electric Transmission Study
Appendix BBusiness Agreements - Table of Contents
B-1CapX2020 Transmission Capacity Expansion Initiative Participation Agreement (January 1, 2007)
B-2Project Development Agreement, Southeast Twin Cities - Rochester - La Crosse Transmission Project (March 7, 2007)
B-3Project Development Agreement, Fargo - St. Cloud Transmission Project (March 7, 2007)
B-4Project Development Agreement, Brookings - Southeast Twin Cities Transmission Project (March 7, 2007)
Appendix CForecasts - Table of Contents
C-1Map of Rochester Area Summer Peak Load Information (2002-2020)
C-2Map of LaCrosse Area Summer Peak Load Information (2002-2020)
C-3South Red River Valley Area Summer and Winter Peak Load Information (2002-2020)
C-4Alexandria Area Load Center Summer and Winter Peak Load Information (2002-2020)
C-5St. Cloud Area Load Center Summer and Winter Peak Load Information (2002-2020)
C-6Summary of CapX2020 Participants’ Recent Integrated Resource Plan Proceedings
C-7Minnesota and System - Wide Energy Consumption
Appendix DExemption Order Requirements - Table of Contents
D-1Order Designating Applicants and Setting Filing Requirements (June 4, 2007) Docket No. ET-2, E-002, et al./CN-06-1115
D-2Map of Minnesota Electric Transmission Lines and Substations 60 kV or larger
D-3Map of CapX2020 Minnesota Utility Service Areas
D-4MISO / WAPA Interconnection Queue Charts
D-5Impact of 345 kV Projects on Ratepayers
D-6Existing Renewable Energy Generation Capacity
D-7Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard 2007 White Paper
D-8Description of Forecasting
D-9Cost of One Megawatt Hour of Electricity at Minnesota Hub Sold on MISO Day Ahead Market
Appendix EEnvironmental - Table of Contents
E-1Environmental Information, Twin Cities - La Crosse 345 kV Project
E-2Environmental Information, Twin Cities - Fargo 345 kV Project
E-3Environmental Information, Twin Cities - Brookings County 345 kV Project

Supplement to Certificate of Need

Xcel Energy and Great River Energy submitted the following supplement to their application to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission for the CapX2020 Certificate of Need.

The Supplement provides all of the information required by the Commission's decision on October 30, 2007 for the Application to be accepted as substantially complete.

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